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white-house_tcm29-168855.jpgNo matter who becomes the next US president, Eastern European countries are afraid that the privileged relations they have enjoyed under the Bush administration could be lost. EurActiv’s network in Central Europe and Turkey contributed to this report.
The sentiment in Eastern European capitals is that the next US President will prioritise repairing relations with Western European capitals, which have suffered under neo-conservative US rule, and that Eastern European countries – despite being America’s strongest allies under Bush – could find themselves somewhat neglected.

The fact that the pro-American Czech Republic will be at the EU’s helm when the next US President will assume office is not expected to change this trend much. Indeed, according to Eastern European diplomats, the new EU-US agenda, now dominated by the financial crisis and attempts to reform the foundations of capitalism, will inevitably favour stronger involvement of the EU’s economic powerhouses, such as the UK, Germany and France, over its newer member states.

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