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Just under a year ahead of the appointment of the next EU executive, word is already out regarding the redistribution of portfolios and replacement of some commissioners, nominated by the 27 member states.

The appointment of the future Belgian commissioner appears to be part of a deal to form a new government in the country. Belgium finally managed to form a new administration on 2 January, following the collapse of Yves Leterme’s government on 19 December over a scandal related to the rescue of Fortis bank.

Like his predecessor, the new prime minister Herman Van Rompuy is from the Flemish Christian Democratic Party (CD&V), and Van Rompuy’s government is similar to the previous one. The Belgian press reported that CD&V had obtained assurances that they would be able to appoint the successor to the current liberal (VLD) Foreign Minister Karel de Gucht should the latter become the country’s next European commissioner.


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