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Both and are attending the Innovation Days event in Lisbon, Portugal, which has been arranged by EUREKA. Like the European Union, Eureka has a rotating Chair and Portugal are the incumbents.

The event is being held in the EXPO 98 (FIL) centre and is on an impressive scale.

EUREKA are quite rightly shouting about their successes and have put on some fascinating exhibits. The range of projects with which they are involved is truly astounding and covers many industries and sectors. There appears to be no limit to the type of good and practical ideas that they are willing to be involved with.

The stand is in a central location with European Voice and Sapo the Portugese frog – a representative of the Portugese version of Yahoo! An unusual element for an event of this nature is the low-level drum and bass being played throughout the hall.

There is an international (not EU) element to this event as well. Both South Korea and Brazil are in attendance and – it seems – looking for opportunities. We have also spoken to delegates from Russia that seem to be interested in rejoining EUREKA.

We have been conducting short video interviews of exhibitors and asking them to explain something about their role in the event, their thoughts on innovation policy – in and out of the EU – and the role of EUREKA in their success. We have had some interesting conversations and will be publishing these videos as soon as our internet connection allows such big files through…

Today is the day for government Ministers at the event. However, this may prove to be something of a let-down. In advance of the event, there were hopes that two European Commissioners and around twenty government Innovation Ministers would be attending. Alas, this looks very optimistic and in reality it appears that one Commissioner and the Minister from Portugal will be the only really high-level attendees. We are hoping to see more, but this is unconfirmed so far.

Even more surprisingly, it appears that our lone European Commissioner is positioning himself for no interviews! Mr Potocnik, in the European Year of Creativity and Innovation, what are you thinking?

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  1. Commissioner Potocnik did provide an interview to Blogactiv the following day and it can be watched here.

    Stuart Langridge
    Director of Blogactiv

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