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While agriculture and food production have long been considered untouchable in international climate talks, calls to make the sector contribute to greenhouse gas mitigation efforts have been growing louder.

Food is strategic and agricultural production is a vital sector of many national economies. Yet, discussions are shifting from how to adapt farming to climate change to how to make agriculture contribute to climate change mitigation.

In a recent interview with EurActiv, outgoing EU Agriculture Commissioner Mariann Fischer Boel even backed the possibility of an emissions trading scheme for agriculture. While the EU has reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from its farming sector by 21% compared to 1990, according to the European Commission, agricultural emissions from other parts of the world have soared by nearly 17%, mainly due to increases in developing countries.

Farmers in the developing world emit the most GHGs due to inefficient agricultural practices and poor natural resource management. Meanwhile, experts agree that climate change represents more of a challenge to food security in the developing world than elsewhere: a dilemma which underlines the need for urgent mitigation measures.

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  1. A) Gaia good
    B) Humans bad
    C) therefore: get rid of humans

    This is the tautology of the underlying base of the AGW crowd. They are misanthropes of the lowest order. A whole nest of neo-Malthusians cross pollenated with fern fondlers.

    One easy way to reduce human populations is to restrict the food supply. Hmmmm, seems like this is one way to force that. How convenient.

    The only problem is that humans, when acting in their own (overall) self interest are not a problem. The water and air are cleaner today than ever. 90% of the people live on only 6% of the land. The rest of them farm and raise food animals in the wide open spaces between population centers. The woods and plains are abundant with critters of all sorts.

    People have committed all sorts of stupidities over the centuries with regards to the planet and it biosphere. However, today we are doing more and more to take care of it. And if eco-nuts step out of the way we will continue to thrive while continuing to take better and better care of our ‘home’.

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