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The following LinksDossier has been published by on 7th January 2010.

Since the presentation of the new team of European commissioners by José Manuel Barroso, officials have been busy swapping seats in a round of ‘musical chairs’ that involves some of the most powerful EU jobs in Brussels.

The new college of commissioners was announced by European Commission President José Manuel Barroso on 27 November 2009.

Ever since, the process of nominating their closest collaborators – their heads of cabinet and the directors-general who lead the Commission’s departments – has been underway, with top officials moving between key positions according to internal rules on rotation.

More discrete than the commissioners themselves, these high-ranking officials greatly influence policymaking in Brussels.

Given that hearings in the European Parliament are scheduled for 26 January, there has been little communication on these pending appointments. In this LinksDossier, EurActiv tries to shed light and offer transparency on the issue.

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