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As a result of the financial and economic crises, László Andor, Hungary’s commissioner-designate for employment and social affairs, expects to become a heavyweight in the Barroso II executive. EurActiv Hungary reports.

“Employment and social issues will be key areas of EU policy, both in the short and long term,” Andor declared in a recent hearing before the Hungarian parliament.

The crisis is not over yet and tackling the Europe’s record-unemployment will be a crucial part of his future job, Andor admitted, adding that he is gathering information, standpoints and proposals in a bid to boost his portfolio’s profile within the European Commission.

As the financial turmoil was followed by a social crisis, mitigating its effects will be a challenging task for the future holder of the employment and social affairs portfolio.

Andor wants to take up the job as soon as possible and place crisis management on the top of the EU agenda, he reportedly said. The Hungarian commissioner-designate, who has served on the board of directors of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), is not well-known even in Hungary, despite his strong ties to his country’s socialist party. That association, however, combined with his role as editor-in-chief of leftist magazine Eszmélet, earned him the nickname ‘communist banker’.

“Andor did not seem a communist,” Hungarian daily Figyel? wrote after his hearing with the Hungarian parliament’s European affairs committee.

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