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German Economy Minister Rainer Brüderle reacted negatively against what he described as plans by the Spanish EU Presidency to “sanction” member states who do not comply with the European Union’s growth objectives, EurActiv Spain reports.

Brüderle said he generally supported the ambition of Spanish Prime Minister José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero to coordinate in a more efficient way the economic policies of the EU’s 27 member states, but warned against introducing additional bureaucracy.

His comments prompted the Spanish EU Presidency to respond quickly. Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said on Monday that Spain had not in fact officially proposed to make sanctions part of its plans to replace the Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs with a new 10-year strategy, dubbed ‘EU 2020’. The plans are likely to be discussed at the next EU summit, to take place in Brussels on 11 February. The Spanish Presidency aims to get the strategy adopted at a 17-18 June meeting of EU heads of state and government at the very latest.

“We are still at the beginning of evaluating proposals,” said Moratinos, adding that any decisions would be taken by consensus and with the approval of all member states. He explained that Zapatero had not said that sanction mechanisms should be introduced, but rather that the way in which the Lisbon Strategy for growth and jobs had been applied needed to be improved.

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  1. Zapatero is as Aeslop describes 560BC: The smaller the mind, the greater the conceit” And nothing could be further from the truth. The man is a subhuman moron whose knowledge of economics is factually that of an 8th grader. This man is great in his own twisted mind of reality – stuck in Chavez like socialist ideologies and runs the country-when possible – in a like minded way; but instead of using force, he buys out the unions and his party buys off votes (unemployment, PER, jobs, jobs at gov. contracted companies, jobs from “public” corporations, subsidies and so on).

    This is all “affordable” because spain lacks a welfare state like that of Europe and the US. Currently there are over one million unemployed (and seeking work) that receive not a single cent from the government. Nothing.

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