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This story about EU accession for Icleand was published by EurActiv on 25th February 2010.

Iceland yesterday (24 February) took an important step towards EU accession, as the European Commission officially recommended opening membership talks with the island country.

As expected, Czech Enlargement Commissioner Štefan Füle said Iceland had been given the green light by the Commission after fulfilling the Copenhagen criteria for EU membership (stability of institutions guaranteeing democracy and human rights, the existence of a functioning market economy and ability to take on the obligations of membership).

The Commission’s opinion takes account of political, economic and legal criteria. In all these respects, Iceland’s performance was deemed satisfactory, hence the positive recommendation.

Yet Füle’s leitmotiv was that “there is no short-cut to enlargement”. He repeated that in future decision-making he would only take into account factual progress towards membership.

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