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This story about trading renewable energy was published by EurActiv on 12th March 2010.

Only five EU member states are planning to buy renewable energy from other countries, while the EU as a whole is on track to exceed its 20% collective target, the European Commission said yesterday (11 March).

Italy will have the biggest shortage of domestically produced renewable energies, the Commission said in a summary of the forecast documents submitted by member states under the renewables directive. The country will have to buy around 1.2 Mtoe from other countries in order to meet its binding target, it stated.

Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg and Malta were the other EU countries which expected to fall short of their targets with domestic production only.

By contrast, ten member states predict a surplus in 2020, which they could transfer to another member state, the Commission said. This would amount to about 2% of the total renewables required in 2020.

Spain and Germany plan the largest absolute amounts of surplus renewable energy on top of their binding commitments. Consequently, Germany expects to hit 18.7% instead of 18%, and Spain 22.7% instead of 20%.

In consequence, the EU as a whole is set to reach a 20.3% share of renewable energies in 2020, slightly exceeding its 20% target, the Commission said.

“These forecasts show that member states take renewable energy very seriously and are really dedicated to push their domestic production,” said Energy Commissioner Günther Oettinger. “It is an incentive to invest in green technology and the production of renewable energy,” he added.

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