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On 14th April, the British Chamber of Commerce in Belgium hosted a roundtable event at the European Parliament titled, “Britain and the EU – Odd man out – or odd man in?”

We were able to speak to the keynote speaker at the event, Sir Stephen Wall, the former UK Permanent Representative to the EU, about the future role of the UK in EU policy making after a general election.

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  1. This short interview is really interesting: just like all other European citizens, Britons are not interested in Europeans issues when dealing with a national election. It makes me feel good, as we are not that different.
    Being interested in European Defence, I could guess that this topic would not be paramount in the campaign. Defence being logically a secondary issue in the European Union, and essentially a national issue, as fighting soldiers first wear the national flag on their uniform.

  2. Thank you. I thought Sir Stephen was a fascinating chap to speak to off camera as I was setting up and packing away. In truth, his presentation to the BritCham event was excellent (about 40 mins of the historical background of the EU and the UK involvement and role in it) and I really wished I had been recording that as well! I can say honestly that I learnt more about the UK and EU in that 40 mins than I had in the preceeding 2 years.

    With regards to your comment, I believe you are correct. When election time comes around, the majority are concerned with their national issues and NOT EU related policies and politics. It could be taken as a warning message for EU / Brussels types that the power they weald over nations is not built on rock, but potentially on sand.

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