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This story about the EU Reflection Group report was published on 29th April 2010.

With a 9 May deadline fast approaching for the EU’s ‘group of wise men’ to submit its report on the challenges facing Europe until 2030, EurActiv has gained an insight into the team’s secretive work over the past 18 months.

After an initial period of hesitation over how to communicate (EurActiv 22/01/09), Felipe González, chair of the ‘wise men group’, told his team that he had chosen “privacy, not secrecy” as a working method, insiders told EurActiv.

In practice, little information – if any – has emerged from the 15 meetings the group has held since its launch in October 2008. In the meantime, González himself has made very few comments and rejected all interview requests.

But as the deadline approaches for the group to present its 30-page report on the challenges facing Europe in the next twenty years, González and his team are expected to reclaim media attention.

The report, to be presented on 9 May for Europe Day, will be debated by EU leaders at a summit on 17 June. The group is also considering holding a series of meetings with the wider EU public during that period.

For now, González is expected to hand over the report to EU President Herman Van Rompuy on 8 May in Brussels. Before that, members of the Reflection Group are expected to hold a final meeting in Brussels on 30 April and agree on a communication strategy. Indeed, González indicated that he would like a consistent message to be issued to a wider audience in the days and weeks following Europe Day.

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