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This story about the results of the Czech elections was published by EurActiv on 31st May 2010.

A coalition of three centre-right parties is set to form a government in the Czech Republic despite the Social Democrats having come first in general elections held on Saturday (29 May). Two of the parties are new political players, EurActiv Czech Republic reports.

A “huge shake-up”, “the most unexpected result”, “rewriting the political map of the Czech Republic”.

This is how the Czech media reacted after it had become clear that the victorious Social Democrats would most likely be unable to form a new government.

The centre-left Czech Social Democratic Party (?SSD) emerged victorious from the elections, winning 22.08% of the vote. But its final score was far below the 30% figure that pre-election polls had predicted it would win.

Social Democrat leader Ji?í Paroubek resigned almost immediately after the election results were made public, conceding that the country would be ruled by a centre-right coalition.

After Paroubek’s resignation, deputy chairman Bohuslav Sobotka, who was charged with holding post-election talks with other political parties, said he did not believe he would succeed in putting together a coalition under ?SSD leadership.

“If we talk about who should be in charge of creating the next government, I think that it should be the one who is realistically able to do it. For us, the chance is pretty small,” Sobotka said.

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