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This story about the future of EU farm policy was published by EurActiv on 19th July 2010.

After an initial contribution by the European Parliament, Brussels will play host to a major stakeholder debate on the future of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) on Monday and Tuesday.

A conference organised by the European Commission on 19-20 July represents the culmination of a wider public debate on the EU’s future farm policy, which began earlier this year.

The debate was launched by EU Agriculture Commissioner Dacian Ciolo? to gather stakeholder and citizens’ views before the Commission tables policy guidelines in November (EurActiv 13/04/10).

A synthesis report of the more than 5,000 contributions received from the general public, stakeholder organisations and think-tanks will be presented and debated during the two-day event.

Call for continued direct support, green incentives

A preliminary assessment of the consultation results reveals a focus on three themes: ensuring food security, making agriculture environmentally-friendly and securing the prosperity of rural areas.

The consultation also witnessed widespread calls for direct support to farmers to be continued in order to help them deliver food security. More equal distribution of CAP money and extra incentives to help farmers deliver on environmental objectives were also highlighted as major topics of concern.

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