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This story about European Commission plans for a communications revolution was published by EurActiv on 30th August 2010.

The European Commission’s communication strategy is undergoing structural change in a re-branding centred on President José Manuel Barroso, increased centralisation of public communications, a new organisational chart and a key reshuffle of top officials, a person close to the matter told EurActiv.

The new commissioner in charge of communication, Viviane Reding, wants to bring about a “culture shock” and genuine “revolution” of existing Brussels communication methods, replicating her experience as information society commissioner, when she often sided against national telecommunications champions in breach of previous practices, EurActiv has learned.

Reding is already informing her colleagues within the College of the main changes she intends to bring forward, and will use the traditional informal seminar of commissioners after the summer break, scheduled for 1-2 September, to give further details of her plans.

In a letter addressed to Barroso, leaked to EurActiv in June (EurActiv 25/06/10), she outlined some of the changes she has in mind, but her reform efforts are expected to go much further than what has so far been circulating in the press.

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