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This story about the possibility of changing EU treaties to create tougher rules for euro zone countries was published by EurActiv on 28th October 2010.

European Commission Vice-President Viviane Reding is leading a growing chorus of opposition to plans for tougher euro zone rules, describing Franco-German plans to reopen the EU Treaties as “irresponsible” ahead of a European summit starting in Brussels today (28 October).

“I did not appreciate what happened in Deauville,” Reding said, referring to the seaside town where France and Germany struck a deal last week to enshrine tougher rules for the euro zone in a new EU treaty.

“Do you remember what happened with the Lisbon Treaty? It took ten years to get it approved. It would be irresponsible to open that Pandora’s Box,” Reding told a press conference in Brussels yesterday (27 October).

In an interview with German paper Die Welt, Reding added that Paris and Berlin were “insulting” other nations by trying to impose decisions on the other EU member states.

The reaction from Paris did not wait long. “The terms this European commissioner uses to denigrate the France-German proposals are unacceptable and of the same tenor as the insulting language, which I will not forget, used against France during the controversy that she herself fuelled over the Roma,” said Pierre Lellouche, the French minister in charge of European affairs.

Although Reding’s line is shared by many others at the European Commission, the EU executive did not officially back the vice-president. “What was expressed by Vice-President Viviane Reding were her personal views,” said spokesperson Olivier Bailly at a briefing yesterday.

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