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EurActiv summary of an essay by Michael Burrell, Deputy chairman, European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA) “For public affairs practitioners to be truly effective, [they] must have a profound understanding of institutional and cultural differences,” argues Michael Burrell, vice-chairman of Edelman Europe and deputy chairman of the European Centre for Public Affairs (ECPA). Consultancy work… » read more

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As published on… Works of fiction have always dealt with political issues and institutions, “but the last decade has seen a much more concerted trend in this direction,” argues Conor McGrath, an independent scholar and deputy editor of the Journal of Public Affairs, citing an upsurge in the number of novels, movies, TV shows… » read more

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Are you a lobbyist based in or around the Brussels area? If you are, the details of the survey, below, may be of interest to you. We would be pleased to hear your opinions. Please feel free to post your thoughts below… As published by Survey: Lobbyists reluctant to sign up to register… » read more

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The European Commission’s high-level groups are “skewed” in favour of business interests and fail to guarantee equitable consultation of all stakeholders, allege Friends of the Earth in a new report to be published tomorrow (12 February). The NGO is calling for a moratorium on the creation of new such groups until more “transparent mechanisms” have… » read more

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